CND™ Shellac

The World’s No.1 Professional Nail Service

First introduced in 2010, the three-step nail-structuring process wears flawlessly with brilliant shine for up to 14 days after curing under a UV light. No down time- zero drying time.

  • 14+day Beautiful Nail Colour
  • Mirror shine
  • Instantly dry, no smudging
  • No nail damage from filing and buffing
  • Gentle removal

– £23.50

With Soak Off- £29.00

CND™ Luxury Spa Manicure

They say you can always tell a womans age by her hands, right? So where is the anti-aging facial for my hands? A CND™ Spa Manicure is not only a beautifully relaxing experience including hand and arm massage, exfoliation and deep moisturisation, but will also visibly reduce signs of skin aging on your hardest working tools, your hands.

With CND™ Vinylux Polish 45 minutes – £27.00

With CND™ Vinylux French Polish (White tips) 60 mins –  £29.50

With CND Shellac™ 60 mins- £40.00

Just the basics… File, tidy, polish. CND Vinylux™ is a breakthrough in nail polish. Expect week-long wear AND ultra quick dry result.
20 mins- £16.00


+ £2.50 for French White Tips
+ £7.50 for glitter
+ £5.00 for Chrome

CND™ Shellac Removal- 25 mins £18.00

First, we gently soak off your CND™ Shellac.

Next, we file and shape your nails, carry out full cuticle work

Finally, we drench your nails in CND™ Solar Oil and buff to re-hydrate and nourish the natural nail.

CND™ Luxury Spa Pedicure

Once every 4-6 weeks is not just about treating yourself or indulging , it’s a matter of good grooming! From the dry,dusty, open-toed environment of the summer to the chilly, cold hidden-in damp socks and winter footwear, your feet carry you everywhere. If you want to have beautifully groomed feet that you can show off year-round with confidence, a CND™ Luxury Spa Pedicure is the solution.

With CND™ Vinylux 1 hour – £35.00

A luxurious treatment that involves:

  • Trimming, Shaping and buffing the nails
  • A thorough skin polish of the legs and feet
  • Conditioning treatment of the nail and cuticle
  • Hard skin removal
  • Relaxing leg and foot massage using deep moisturising massage cream
  • Skin hydrating conditioners
  • CND™ Vinylux polish.

With CND™ Shellac 75 mins – £49.50

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