Hollywood Lashes®

Why Hollywood Lashes®?

The ULTIMATE in lash enhancements…

HOLLYWOOD LASHES are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that have a life span of approximately 5 weeks. After which, the option to have in-fills is available. Hollywood lashes are made from one single natural looking lash that are weightless and are shaped to emulate the natural lash. Using the latest semi-permanent adhesives, the lashes will stay attached to the donor lash whilst remaining flexible and bouncy, resulting in a natural looking application. They are also water resistant which means you can swim, shower, cry and sleep without worry.

The cylce of the eyelash, as with all hair, is constantly changing between growing, falling out and resting (Anagen, Catagen and Telogen) this is the reason why lashes naturally shed and in-fills are necessary. As all eyelashes are at different stages of growth at any one time there is no way to tell whether your lashes are ready to fall out, however, it is estimated that 85% of lashes are in the growing stage.

These amazing lash extensions are naturally curled, look gorgeous but also feel weightless on your eyes, being both flexible and water resistant. Once applied, you can shower, swim, sweat, cry and sleep without worry.


  • Superbly designed for perfect separation and hair stroke placement.
  • Individual lashes offer curl and uplifting enhancement.
  • Like real lashes, fine and naturally soft.
  • Different lengths available to customise clients look.
  • Natural and Glamour.
  • Instant volume up look.


  • Long lasting, up to 3 months.
  • Comfortable and natural, just like your own eyelashes.
  • Soft, sensual and glamorous eyes.
  • Adds volume and length to your lashes.
  • Lashes look longer and thicker.
  • Great everyday wear.
  • Both men and women can benefit.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Eliminates need for eyelash curlers
  • Fabulous “WINK” appeal.
  • Carefree and Casual.
  • Full, luscious lashes and big beautiful eyes get noticed.


Full Set 1.5 Hours – £65.00
In-Fills 45 minutes – £35.00

*Patch test required at least 24 hours prior to application.

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