Body Treatments

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Body Treatment Prices

Dermalogica® Pro60 Back facial – £55.00

A deep cleansing and exfoliation treatment for hard to reach areas. Akin to the DERMALOGICA facial, the BACK FACIAL is carried out using only the finest DERMALOGICA skin care products. For blemished, problematic skin, germicidal properties are used to purify the skin. This is followed by the gentle manual extraction of any impurities, finished off with a deep relaxing back massage. For those who suffer with dry itchy skin, soothing emollients combined with hydration and conditioners leave your skin feeling calm, smooth and supple.

Body Exfoliating Treatment – £30.00

The perfect preparation for your holiday. How to prolong your sun tan! Here’s the science: tanning occurs when the sun activates a pigment in your epidermal layer (outer layer). Under normal circumstances the skin’s outer layer – and therefore your tan – only lasts between six to 10 days owing to the natural turnover of cells, but there are ways of extending the regenerating process. Prior to your holiday, having a body exfoliating treatment will ensure the skin cells are at the beginning of their cycle when you hit the beach, so that your tan lasts longer.


Tanning Treatment Prices

A natural, sun-kissed appearance without harmful UV rays.
We often associate a glowing complexion with good health, but skin colour obtained from being in the sun – or in a tanning booth – actually accelerates the effects of ageing and increases your risk for developing skin cancer tenfold.

All tanning treatments include cleansing and exfoliating prior to tanning application. Whilst drying typically takes around 15 minutes, loose clothing and footwear is recommended. Development takes around five hours, however, for optimum results overnight is recommended. Waxing/shaving is recommended 24hrs prior to treatment.

Full Body and Face – £45.00
Upper Body and Face – £27.50
Full Leg – £22.50
Half Leg – £15.00

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